Christian Dior Fall 2018 Ready-To-Wear

One of the most classy fashion icons in history presented a very low risk and gorgeous collection for this upcoming fall. Packed with plain black and white, and red plaid, this fall seems to be a very traditional season. Dior is known for its orthodox ready-to-wear looks mainly concentrating the artsy-craziness in the Couture collections (and let’s be honest, this year it was spectacular). I was sincerely impressed with the assembly of colors and patterns in this show. I think we will all be wearing oversized sunglasses and chauffeur hats this fall, with minimal accessories.

Look #5

Gorgeous blazer with a complimenting skirt (which I can’t wait to wear this summer), paired with thigh high leather boots and oversized sunglasses, and a chic suede chauffeur hat and a matching belt. Minimal accessories and polka dot tights. It screams classy all over.

Look #8

Plaid blue and red pantsuit with a bootcut leg, colorful pattern shirt (which is used a lot in this collection), same style hat and a GOR-geous colorful bag with planets.

Look #15

The same pattern on this skirt and shirt as on the bag in the look above, paired with leather-suede boots and the same chauffeur hat and yellow sunglasses.

Look #17

I am in love with this look for this fall, and can’t wait to replicate it. Swamp green see-through ankle length dress with layered detailing, colorful boots and bag, simple leather belt around the waist and the same hat as seen in most of the looks portrayed in this blog post. Beautifully coordinated high wasted underwear and bra reading CHRISTIAN J’ADIOR on the band.

Look #43

Same hat, oversized sunglasses, bootcut suit paints, white button down, and a coat I would kill for. Black faux fur with gorgeous flower detailing all over. The most simple and classy look for this fall I promise you’ll see me wearing soon enough.

Let me know what you think of this year’s collection and subscribe for more runway reviews!

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