Saint Laurent Fall 2018 Ready-To-Wear

I’m a huge fan of Saint Laurent and the color black, so when I saw SL do an all black collection for the upcoming fall I was blown away. Especially with all of the other designers going ballistic with colors and patterns, SL definitely took the other road. Mainly party attire, this is the re-defining of LBD.

Look #3

This look incorporates a low riding hat with a fringe scarf, see through patterned shirt, a blazer/jacket with Capri black pants and platform boots. Why I love this look is because it’s 100% party-mode, with an urban cowboy aura screaming confidence.

Look #12

If you know me, you know I’m a 100% faux fur fanatic. Whenever I see something so simple incorporated into a chic outfit, I need to post it. All black outfit with a studded bandana and WHITE KITTEN HEELS. I’m all for it.

Look #18

Just this girl’s face shows how much confidence this outfit carries. Studded blazer, leather shorts, black bandana, and large leather platform boots. It reminds me of my high school looks, but with much more class.

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