Coffee/Tea Reading and Fortune Telling

Some people are firm believers that coffee/tea readings actually foretell the future. I decided to try it out for myself. I’ve been practicing reading symbols for some time now, and soon enough I got the hang of it. Before I discuss the legitimacy of these readings, here are my quick tips to reading your coffee.

  • The biggest problem is being unimaginative. At fist I kept seeing the same symbols over and over again, because when I saw anything with a tail I assumed it was a cat. After some practice I realized that it could actually be a squirrel, a dog, or something that actually looks like the symbol. After even more examination I realized it was actually a tree, but I was looking at it from a different angle.
  • Take your time deciphering the symbols. I assumed that what you see first is that the symbol represents, but in reality it’s simply my psychological association with the shape. Since I own a cat and see it almost every second of the day, I also saw it in the coffee. You need to spend some time on the symbols before you actually say what it means. For all you know, it could actually be a dragon.
  • Pay attention to every symbol, as the shapes tell a story. Even though symbols might mean something independently, most of the time these symbols are grouped together to create a story. So if I see a person reading next to a dog, it could mean that your coffee is trying to warn you something about your friend. You will most likely see another symbol there, which will tell you what that warning is.
  • Placement of these symbols actually matters. I did a lot of research regarding coffee readings, and different sources provide different guidances regarding these divisions. Some say the bottom is the past, middle is the present, and top is the future. Some say the coffee is divided in 5: bottom (family and health), left of the handle (past), right of the handle (future), the handle side (love), and across from the handle (wealth). I preferred to read it with 5 sections to understand it better.

Now, after these reading you might be tempted to read just one part of the cup, the one you’re most interested in. When I first started, I only read the love part as that was what I wanted the most. I realized that without the rest, these sectional readings don’t really make sense.

After a couple of months of practice, I started doing it seriously and tried to see my future at the bottom of my cup. Needless to say, some things were true some were not. Of course it takes time for this destiny to come true, but I doubt I’ll be getting a million dollars soon, since most of my coffee readings said I’ll be rich soon. Well, where’s my money at?

If you’re interested in a large list of coffee reading symbol meanings, I have one. I got it from a professional fortune teller, and feel free to email me if you want it, I’ll be happy to share it with you. Just make sure to let me know how your reading went!

Also, I feel the need to say that my Tea leaves reading was more accurate than coffee. My tea leaves showed a dog, a flag, a person working, heart, and boots. I read it as I will receive a message from someone from a different country (flag) regarding a job (person working) and the possibility of travel (boots). A week later I received an email for an interview in NYC. The heart means that I will feel fulfilled soon, or that I will find my true love. I doubt my true love is anywhere near, but maybe I will receive that job that I really want and come back to NYC.

Send me pictures of your coffee or tea leaves for a free interpretation. Don’t take it seriously as it’s just for fun!

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