Opening Ceremony Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear

I’m a big fan of Opening Ceremony, mainly because of their baggy clothes and a skater vibe (same reason I like Supreme, even though it’s overpriced). I was fairly excited to see their Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear collection, and even though it started off as a simple OC collection, it turned into something awfully adorable and stylish. The make up is very low key and chic. See my favorite 10 looks with comments below.

Look #5

It’s not new to see rain boots in a Spring collection (or Fall), but my attention was grabbed by the cute crop top over a baggy button down. Without each other it’s an overly simplistic outfit, but put them together and you have stylish outfit for any day of Spring. I love the idea and will be replicating it very soon.

Look #18

The reason this made it to my top 10 is because I love baggy coats and jackets on women. It adds so much zazz and style that I fall in love with every grunge looking girl in the streets.

Look #25

This one is here cause I actually own this dress. A friend of mine gifted it to me (he models for OC) and it’s my favorite easy outfit. It’s so comfortable that it feels like you’re wrapped in a blanket, and to top it off it looks stylish AF.

Look #29

A leather dress over a baggy shirt and oversized sneakers. Need I say more?

Look #38

I can’t wait to get my hands on this raincoat, it’s so sleek and classy. I don’t care if it’s for men, it will be mine.

Look #46

This is where it got super adorable. After Mickey and Mini Mouse danced onto the stage, we saw a Disney themed collection for Spring. I remember when I was in high school it was chic to wear Micky on your shirt, I guess almost 10 years later it’s made a huge comeback. Time to pull out my disney clothes. Plus, look how comfy that looks.

Look #49

I want this jumpsuit. I want those sneakers. I want everything in this Disney OC collection NOW.

Look #54

Mickey mouse ears as sleeves, and your head acts as Mickey’s head. The pants are adorable, and the shoes – oh my.

Look #76

For me, these jackets never go out of style. On top of that, put Mickey and Disney on it and I’m sold. Representing team DISNEY!

Look #77

Tell me this outfit isn’t the definition of adorable. I dare you.

This was the ending, the designers walking with Mickey and holding hands. Love love love ❤

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