Cable & Deadpool, Comic Book Review

Originally published in the newspaper TOUCHSTONE in 04/2016


The story goes like this: Cable, a time traveling soldier and the son of the leader of X-men, Cyclops and Jean Grey’s clone, comes back to the past to save the world from what is going to happen to it. He meets Deadpool, a very talkative mercenary who went through an experiment of the Weapon X to save himself from cancer, instead he ended up going insane undergoing skin transmutation – bu on the upside, he has an accelerated healing factor, he basically can’t die. Deadpool tries to help Cable fulfill his plans to save the world.

Cable & Deadpool is a good change in the style of comics in Marvel Universe. It’s not to be read like continuity heavy X-men, Spider-Men, or anything else in their publishing. You start enjoying the goofy, zany, subversive style of the comics from page one. The total collection is 8 volumes, or 50 issues. All of the volumes have the same title Cable & Deadpool except for the last one which is titled Deadpool vs. Marvel Universe. It might seem a little strange but at the end of the series it’s evident why the titles are different.

It’s an important must read if you’re a fan of comics. The two beloved characters from the 90’s join forces to save the world, save humans, unite mutants, and bring peace to everyone. It’s interesting how two very different characters create such a good combination for a story like this. Solemn Cable with witless Deadpool, what more could we ask for?

The art is amazing. It’s evident that several different artists worked on it thought the life of the series, but it went perfectly well with the story. Reilly Brown was the last one. He could not ave done a better job to show all fo the emotions that need to be felt by the reader, goody and dead serious at the same time.

Short synopsis: Cable builds an island called “Providence” where all the people who are uncomfortable on earth fins a new life. Basically a heaven for the earthly rejects, mutants, hipsters, etc. After creating a new world he starts to fix the old one, and ends up making it worse. He does fix one country, an Eastern European “slum” called Rumekistan, where he becomes their leader and admired hero. Meanwhile all Deadpool does is help out Cable with his dirty work. And get in the way of the bigger plan, but we can’t expect anything less from Deadpool, can we?

Cable dies several times in the series and i brought back to life by his dear friend, Deadpool. He gives up a part of his healing factor to Cable, goes back in time to find the perfect mechanists for his half-burnt body, travels all over the parallel universes to find a baby Cable trapper… Which is pretty unexpected from Deadpool, knowing how little he cares about anything other than women and money (and swords and guns).

In the end, after a huge tragedy, we can see Deadpool’s hope that it will all turn around – but his hopes fail. In the last volume, Deadpool vs. Marvel Universe he is left alone to battle other adventures he falls into, saving the universe after messing it up himself.

In most of the previous panels we see Deadpool as a standalone character – sitting on his couch, taking to his TB, bored, alone. In the last issue everything changes. Deadpool wants to be more than just a killing machine and a mutant reject. And of course the series end with that it lacked – dinosaurs in Manhattan. Adding a tender touch to the reader’s heart, when he finally gets accepted and fights alongside the Black Widow and Spider-man destroying the dinosaurs.

The series has a lot of surprises, by involving almost all of the beloved Marvel characters. Spider-man, the Thing, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers… Deadpool is a truly refreshing character in these crossovers providing again how special the world of the Marvel Universe is.

The series’ final bow is so thrilling and unusually touching, that it’s sad how few people have picked up this series. Despite being underrated and suffering from low-sales, its fans have been committed and loyal for a very good reason. Go find out why.

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