Graphic Novel Idea: ASARIRI by Elene Beridze

Synopsis, Chapter 1.

In the comic book series, Asariri, we are faced with an alternative world where people decided to abandon modernity and join in with the nature. After pollution spread, many died, leaving behind abandoned cities, and the ones who survived the pollution, decided to move to the nature. Only the people who haven’t been accepted by the tribes are left in the abandoned cities, which have already turned into junk yards. One of those people is the Exiled English Royal Family.

The main characters of the comic books series are the princess Sophie and her caretaker Asariri. They grew up as sisters, with Asariri being Sophie’s closest servant. Sophie’s mother, the last Queen of England, was the reason for the exile of the family. Her family, for over 200 years, has been experimenting on people to find the perfect balance between the blood of an animal and a human. They stole the documents created by the Nazis when they were experimenting with Eugenics, and took on the job themselves. After years and years of mutated humans, they finally found a perfect balance, and the Queen was the first successful experiment. She gained the ability to turn into a black cat, but at a very huge cost. For her to be able to turn, she had to drink her own blood and peel off her skin. It wasn’t a painful experience, it was just a disgusting sight. But growing human bones and skin back tooks hours, and that was torture.

After they changed the Queen’s DNA, they made her give birth to multiple children, so they can have second-generation mixed blood. That’s how Sophie was born, and 7 more princes and princesses. Sophie was the 4th one, and she was the first one that spoke out to the public. She admitted her family’s crimes of eugenics, and they got exiled. Now, they live in an abandoned Pakistan, in the junkyard once known as the great Islamabad.

The first scene where we get introduced to the main characters is in the streets. Three girls are fist fighting and one is passed out on the ground. Sophie is fighting two street rats, Asariri was beaten to unconsciousness. Losing all her hope at winning, Sophie takes a step back, slides out a knife, and slits her palm. The two girls watch her, as Sophie licks her palm, and her skin starts to melt. She gets the biggest grin on her face, and the girls start running.

Sophie pulls off half of her face and a baboon’s face becomes visible. She chases after the girls, screaming and laughing, fully turning into baboon as her skin falls off while she’s running. The girls are out of sight, Sophie returns to Asariri, who is still unconscious, and strokes her cheek. Twenty minutes later Asariri wakes up due to Sophie’s screams, who is trying to grow back her human body. Jumping up, she runs to her princess in agony. Sophie smiles, and without words Asariri falls onto her knees and starts weeping.

They start walking towards their home, abandoned old mansion, half of which is broken down. They walk in, Asariri has Sophie on her back. She puts her into her bed, half of her human body has grown back but the pain is unbearable. She gives her morphine. Now Asariri is sitting alone, left to her thoughts.

Flashback to Asariri’s childhood. She and Sophie are playing in the garden of the royal family. Jumping around in beautiful dresses, playing pretend tea parties, when Sophie trips and breaks her nose. She swallows some of her blood, for the first time ever Asariri witnesses how Sophie changes. She wakes up from her nightmare from Sophie’s screams again. She’s growing back her face, everything else is already human. Trying to calm her down, she runs up to Sophie and hugs her, getting some blood on her hands. The girls are crying together, reminiscing about the past, and as Asariri wipes off her tears and running nose with her hand, she gets some blood on her lip. She feels the burn, the feeling of pain as her skin starts to melt off. She starts screaming, Sophie is in as much shock as her.

Asariri falls into her unconscious, remembering what she heard and saw as a small baby. She remembers her cradle, made out of wood, dripping ceiling. Screams of who she thought was her mother, how she didn’t want to touch the dirty bloodied Asariri. She remembers it all. She was the bastard daughter of the queen, who was raped by her experimenters. She was one of them, one of the dirty bloods.

Waking up, she sees the world through a different color, everything is greenish. Sophie is as pale as fresh snow, blank expression. Asariri tries to speak but her voice won’t come out, instead she roars. She looks down and sees, she’s not human anymore.

She’s an animal.

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