Dungeons and Dragons

At this point I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons for more than 3 months. Currently our campaign consists of a DM and 5 players, but we only started out with 3. Since this was my first game ever, I ended up creating a very cliche character: half-elf thief rogue. The other two players from our OG crew have been playing for almost a year now, so I usually end up being revived by them once every battle.

To people who have never heard of Dungeons and Dragons (why haven’t you watched Stranger Things by now, pal?) it’s basically a tabletop role playing game where the Dungeon Master controls the campaign and the story, and there’s several players who create characters, create a team, and live in this world.

I do think everyone should play Dungeons and Dragons at least once in their lifetime. Simply because it keeps on your toes since any second your character could end their campaign forever. It teaches you responsibility and what’s more important: it teaches teamwork.

You can play in any type of a world. It could be athletes battling for their careers, wizards fighting for justice, or a bunch of miners trapped in a mine and fighting for life. Imagination is your limit. The most popular campaigns are similar to World of Warcraft, Neverwinter, Skyrim, and such RPG games.

I think it would be an interesting concept to try and use this type of a game in an office environment. Different teams with have their own game (accounting, legal, marketing), and 2-3 hours every week will be designated for each session. The DMs should be the HR since that way they can mediate and “report” on the actual staff relationships. It will offer a fun way to bond and will teach everyone to listen. Of course I doubt it could happen anywhere, but surely if I ever have a company of my own I will experiment.

Overall, I’ve genuinely enjoyed playing DnD. I’ve been trying to get my female friends to play too, since I’m tired of being the only girl in the team but unfortunately no one is interested. Instead we just got two new members in this campaign, one OG player and one newbie. I’m excited that our team keeps growing since it was a lot of fun playing with a larger group of people. Even though this might be my last campaign (playing DnD is very energy draining), I’m really happy I actually tried it out. In the end, I still prefer to play my RPG video games instead of playing it on a tabletop. Regardless, give it a try and let me know what you think!

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