Jenny Packham BRIDAL Spring 2019

Even though I’m personally not a fan of marriage and lavish wedding parties, I am a devotee to Bridal fashion. I mean, who doesn’t like to see a beautiful puffy white dress that could make anyone look like a true princess? So when I saw Jenny Packham’s Bridal Spring 2019, I couldn’t help but post it here also. As you know I don’t go too much into detail discussing outfits, I prefer to just share and have you respond to my post (thanks for all of the emails, by the way!)

Without further ado, see my favorite five looks from this show.

Look #3

This look honestly reminds me of an elf princess. It’s so subtle and classy, and has a 20’s vibe to it (must be the ruffled sleeves)

Look #15

I love this look. A sparkly pantsuit for my wedding? Count-me-in. Very classy, with the perfect balance between feminine and masculine.

Look #16

I’m sure Aphrodite wore this to her wedding. This looks reminds me of a greek goddess (due to the diamond belt and the cape-like back). I see a very natural look with this dress for a wedding. Too much make up would just ruin the vibe.

Look #28

OH my god. How can you not like this look. So chic and classy, with a very empowering pant like cut. Love it.

Look #29

A sparkly body suit with a pink leather jacket. I wouldn’t wear this to my wedding, but one of my best friends might. A very edgy and empowering look. Feminine yet so masculine at the same time.

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