The Second Amendment: Conclusion (Pt 9/9)

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been posting my research on the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. This is the last chapter!

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IX. Conclusion

In June of 2016, 104 people were killed and 226 were injured, marking the highest murder rates in 2016. 2 weeks into October of 2016, and already 13 people have been killed and 34 injured. People should not have the right to make decisions who gets to live and not, yet they still have the power to do so. Of course, it’s not just the Second Amendment that lets people kill other people, but it definitely makes it easier by giving them access to guns The Second Amendment makes it too easy for everyone to hold a gun and put someone’s life on a scale. Even if, most of the shooters get caught and jailed, that doesn’t change the fact that 49 people got killed and 53 got wounded in a nightclub in Orlando in June of 2016. So how can this be avoided?

The best way is to regulate the Second Amendment, by introducing new laws and regulations for gun control. People should not have such an easy access to guns. Making it hard to get and keep guns deters people from trying to get them. The fewer people have them, the safer the public is. The fewer people want them, the saner the public is.


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