Feminism: Short Poem by Elene Beridze

Come here Children,

Gather around.

The fire will keep you warm,

The stories will keep you sound.

Girls and boys

Don’t make any noise,

You grammy is old

Let her share some gold.

You hold the power in your hand,

The new generation.

Each of you needs to understand

It’s time for a new nation.

Change the way you look at each other,

Don’t mind the color you see.

We’re all sisters and brothers,

Live your life carefree.

Don’t mind the gender or religion,

Don’t mind the orientation.

Don’t listen to the politicians,

Listen to your hearts.

There’s been too much war,

There’s been too much pain.

Spread peace and love,

Don’t let history repeat again.

Let new women stand with men,

Let new men see women as equal.

We’ve had this war time and again,

Let’s finally agree we’re all just people.

Raise your sons like you raise daughters.

Raise your daughters like you raise your sons.

We need to end the manslaughter,

Time to put away the guns.

Hold her hand, regardless of color.

Hold his hand regardless of religion.

Don’t live a life that I had to,

Stereotypes defining regions.

It’s a new world.

It’s a new life.

Open your eyes,

Learn to apologize.

Apologize to the hurt generations,

By creating a new nation,

Where the differences will not define you

Instead they will unify you.

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